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Why We Need DURAGREEN Fiber Cement Board For The Easy And Effective Construction.

Atualizado: 17 de Dez de 2019

DURAGREEN Fiber cement flat sheets have now become one of the most popular interior and exterior construction materials on market. We can easily see the internal or external walls, Partition or Ceilings made of cellulose fiber cement board appearing more and more in buildings from residential to commercial building, factories, schools or hospitals.

In addition to the advantages of compact, fast and easy construction and environmentally friendly products, Cellulose Duragreen fiber cement panels also offers outstanding features such as fireproof, soundproof, sound absorption, insulation, impact resistance and especially withstand wet environments without affecting the sheet structure. Thanks to this, it is the most modern and effective solution for ceiling, flooring, partition and internal and external wall ...

Highlights of DURAGREEN fiber cement board:

  • Resistant to rain, sun for a long time without decaying, not permeable when exposed to water frequently.

  • Solid enough to withstand strong impact forces.

  • Easy and convenient installation, suitable for both wooden and steel frames. At the same time easy to disassemble and repair if necessary

  • High heat resistance.

  • Able to soundproof with surrounding sound sources.

  • The product is not flammable, does not catch fire, so it is suitable for use in areas with high fire safety standards.

  • Very easy in transportation, construction and installation, can bend in construction with a certain diameter (depending on the thickness of the sheet).

  • Resistance to termites and harmful insects.

With the advantage of flexibility and sophistication in every detail, DuraGreen Fiber Cement Board is the first choice for applications in interior decoration of ceilings and partitions.

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