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There are 2 main types of fiber cement board ceiling Duragreen Suggest you : Concealed ceiling and exposed grid ceiling. With the advantage of high aesthetics, easy decoration as well as good soundproofing and insulation, Concealed ceilings dominate over exposed grid ceilings and are preferred by the market. However, its construction and installation is also more difficult than the other. Therefore, before installing, you need to read the installation instructions carefully and consider some of the following tips:

1: It is important that the most appropriate fixing be used. Fiber cement needs flexible fixing that allows it to move relative to the building structure.

2: Make sure that your wooden Frame or Metal Frame is solid enough to keep the board. Fixing fiber cement to wooden frames usually causes no problems because the wooden frames move in the same way as the fiber cement. Thus if the fiber cement is dried out and shrinks then the wood behaves in the same way. However, the same fiber cement fixed to a steel frame with rigid fixings is likely to fail because the steel frame will expand when heated and the fiber cement will expand when heated but simultaneously shrink through being dried out. Flexible couplings are required in these circumstances to avoid the cracking of the fiber cement.

3: Secure with suitable self-drilling screw with different board size.

4: Use self- tapping screen or nail gun with FST for concrete nail with not lower than 4 bar of pressure

5: While fixing, make sure the screw is 5cm from the corner and 1.5 cm from the edge. The screw interval is 20cm.

6: At the board joints, frame should be reinforced with double joints. Board joints should be left 0.5cm.

7: Secure with screw with 20 cm interval along the length. For the width, screw at the middle of the board with 40 cm interval.

8: Seal with polyurethane sealant. Paint with contact primer for once or twice layer with water-based Acrylic Paint two or three times.

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