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How to Handling and Storing DURAGREEN Fiber Cement Board

Atualizado: 28 de Mai de 2020

Handling and Storing DURAGREEN Fiber cement board:

Although offering sufficient strength once placed in position, care needs to be taken when handling fiber cement boards to ensure that the boards are not dropped or subjected to rough handling. Moving longer panels requires two people to keep the boards stable. Handle fiber cement board carefully to avoid chipping the edges or damaging units in any ways

When handling or storing fiber cement, it is important that you carry them on adge and store it flat and off the ground, keep it dry, out of mud and out of standing water. Deliver fiber cement board to the project sites in original, unopened package.

So when taking delivery of the product, it is important that you try not to bend it or damage it. In the old days, with some lumber yards, they do it off a tilt bed and that bends the products. If you can get a service that has a skilled forklift or a boom truck, that will be the preferable way to place it. That allows you to put a unit on each side of the house and reduces some of the back and fort that causes extra time and labor.

If the boards need to be stored before use, store under cover on a level surface

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