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How to expend the life of your concrete roof tile?

Atualizado: 24 de Jun de 2020

Your roof plays an important rule in protecting your home from environment elements and helps maintain the livability of your home. Concrete roof tiles are one of the most popular building materials used around the world. From to , there are many benefits of concrete tiles such as low maintenance, superior resistance, weather resistance. To take advatage of it, you have to be careful when installing, maintaining, and repairing your roof. Here are some tips to ensure your concrete tile roof last for years to come.

Keep Your Roof Clean

The first important way to prolong the concrete roof tiles's life is keeping it clean year-round. Roofs can accumulate dirt and other stuffs that can prevent the flow of water off of your roof. This can cause fungal grow up in ideal conditions for. An unclean roof can potentially lead to serious structural issues that can shorten its service life.

Let clean your roof once a year and make sure a layer of a fungicide is applied to the surface of the roof after every wash to enhance its durability and resistance to fungus growth.

Repair regularly

Your roof takes a lot of rough treatment every day. A sudden change in weather can damage the tiles of your roofing system. You know you have a recipe for disaster when your tiles start breaking. Water can seep into the lower parts of your house through gaps created by broken tiles causing serious structural damage.

Avoiding Common Installation Mistakes

Way of installation also has a major impact on concrete roof tiles' performance and longevity. During installation, tiles must be overlapped properly as this will help minimize rain damage.

Have Your Roof Tiles Repointed and Rebedded

Roof pointing and bedding are essential parts of a roof’s structure and require regular maintenance to ensure your house stay in top condition. Cement mortar pointing is far more likely to crack and allow water in your roof. It is widely recommended be roofing professionals that your house be repointed at least once every 10 years.

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