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For centuries, concrete roof tile has been widely used due to its durability and energy efficiency. It has a distinct and unique character.

Compared with other roof tiles, concrete roof tiles might be more expensive but they last longer. The variety of concrete roof tiles available in Duragreen can add to the beauty of your home. These tiles have a look and style very appealing to the eyes.

Low maintenance

Concrete roof tiles doesn't seem to need be repaired because concrete material is strong and difficult to damage. Sometimes, concrete tiles should be cleaned up in order to eliminate moss and mildew.

Costs and Long Lasting

Concrete roof tile is more expensive but this is offset by its longevity. If they’re set up and preserved properly they can last for 40 years. Warranty of Duragreen Concrete roof tile is up to 40 years


They’re diversial in a range of shapes and colours. Many property owners utilise concrete tiles to create appealing multi-coloured patterns on their roofs.

Sustainability and durability: Concrete roof tiles have properties that reduce the transfer of heat from the sun during hot days and insulate the house during cold weather.

The design professionals of Duragreen are also aware of the conditions required to install concrete roof tiles, and they know that the potential structural load of concrete tiles has to be taken into consideration during the design phase.


This is since concrete is constructed out of natural materials. So although it’s not bio-degradable, concrete is environmentally friendly due to the fact that its components do not need environmentally-damaging factory production

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