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1. They have the easiest installation

  • Concrete roof tiles interlock with each other

  • They are no nailing required

  • Laying professionals can walk over them while installing unlike ceramic tile and clay tile

  • Easy installation results in lowest labour charges

2. They have very low water absorption

Low water absorption = High algae resistance

If there is water absorption like clay tile, the weight of the tile changes, resulting in immediate imbalance

3. They resist a lot of heat

Myth: Having concrete tiles over the roof further increases the heat inside the home

Truth: Concrete buildings created an image in customers'mind that anything concrete is hot. Howerver, this is not true. If air is trapped inside a concrete building without any ventilation. It might get heated up. But this has nothing to do with the roof. Concrete roof tiles reflect most of sunlight back. Also, the gap between tiles ensures free flow of air.

4. They require the least maintenance

  • No need of repiainting ever, unlike clay tiles

  • They're highly algae-resistant

  • No issue of rusting nail as in the case of ceramic tiles

5. They're the strongest among all the roofing alternatives

Myth: Concrete Tiles are rally heavy àn it is bad for the roof

Truth: The added weight of the concrete roof tiles is the reason for the extended durability. They also make it les prone to heavy winds. At times during heavy winds, ceramic roof tiles get detached from ít nail. Concrete roof tiles can withstand considerably heavy winds too.

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