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If you live in an area susceptible to extreme weather, like a tropical storm or an area with high wind speeds, it’s the most important to see how the roof can protect your property from such conditions. Besides the quality control, in many cases, the damage was caused by poor installation. To ensure high-quality installation, keep in mind and consider the following:

1. Uplift loads and impact resistance

Uplift loads and resistance calculations should be performed by a qualified in accordance with the design and construction guidance. Uplift loads are weakest in the field of the roof, followed by the perimeter, and then greatest in corners.

Good impact resistance ensures the roof will maintain its durability and integrity against flying debris, hail and high wind speeds

2. Roof Batten

Each component of the roofing system plays a role in ensuring that the roof is functioning at a high standard. Roof Batten provides the fixing point for concrete roof lie. If a home is located in a windy or wet area, you can create an underlayment which is corrosion-resistant. Leave small gaps between the rows of battens to ensure that any rainwater that seeps through, is easily drained-away. You need to lay battens horizontally and vertically and so you may need to cut or fix two battens together to cover your roof space.

3. Laying concrete roof tiles

Always start laying tiles from the side of the roof, at the bottom of the roof and work left to right in rows (or vice versa from right to left depending on the wind direction)

Nailing the tiles to the battens by using the nail hole in each tile. Once you move onto the second row of tiles, position them so that the seam of two tiles is centered in the middle of the tile below. The process is continued in this manner until the entire roof is tiled

Once the roof is completely tiled, don’t forget to create the edging by installing a row of tiles around the edges. This plays an important role in securing the roofing tiles in their position and protecting them against displacement due to strong winds.

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